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Card made on the back of a La Palma Correction Center form.

Dora Notes_0041.jpg
Notebook of Dora Rodríguez used as a personal record-keeping system to keep track of her communications, financial support sent for bail and commissary, and sponsorships. Among the redacted information the letter "A" is frequently visible and…


Solidarity Records of Dora Rodriguez_Finding Aid.pdf
Finding aid for Dora Rodríguez Solidarity Papers with historical and biographical notes, item list.





In this interview, Afshin reflects on fleeing Iran after being targeted as a supporter of the political opposition. He shares the hardship and lonelines of being displaced in Latin America, and experiencing bigotry from Border Patrol at the U.S.…

In this interview, Perla reflects on a trip to Mexico where criminals planted drugs in her car without her knowledge. She was arrested, and shares the challenges of being detained for a year by ICE. Having grown up in Illinois, she had never met…

Connie, a Canadian immigrant, shares her experience ending up in immigration detention because of a bench warrant. She talks about the discrimination she observed against non-English speaking migrants, her own deportation, and the work she has done…

In this interview, Elvín discusses his experience living with an abusive family in Guatemala, traveling across Mexico and crossing the US border in 2015, being detained in a children's shelter for minors after being apprehended by immigration…

Oral History with Rodolfo
In this interview, Rodolfo discusses leaving Mexico because of threats against his life, crossing back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border, turning himself in to Border Patrol, being detained, dealing with separation from family, and making a new…

DTD_OH_001_Rodrigo_access copy.mp3
In this interview, Rodrigo shares the hardships of ICE detention as a father who grew up in Phoenix and missed 1.5 years of his young son's childhood. He overcame addiction in detention after being arrested for shoplifting during a time of depression…

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