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2021-09-21 Art submitted by Laura Stump Kennedy.pdf
"This is dedicated to empowered women who make a difference in the world. Notably, Laura S. Kennedy and Mary Cruz. Thank you."

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In this interview, Rodrigo shares the hardships of ICE detention as a father who grew up in Phoenix and missed 1.5 years of his young son's childhood. He overcame addiction in detention after being arrested for shoplifting during a time of depression…

Oral History with Rodolfo
In this interview, Rodolfo discusses leaving Mexico because of threats against his life, crossing back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border, turning himself in to Border Patrol, being detained, dealing with separation from family, and making a new…

In this interview, Elvín discusses his experience living with an abusive family in Guatemala, traveling across Mexico and crossing the US border in 2015, being detained in a children's shelter for minors after being apprehended by immigration…

Connie, a Canadian immigrant, shares her experience ending up in immigration detention because of a bench warrant. She talks about the discrimination she observed against non-English speaking migrants, her own deportation, and the work she has done…
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